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The massive popularity of wife swapping can not be denied! Even though it is still very much a taboo subject for a lot of communities it still never the less happens, and it is happening now more than ever. What it is in a nutshell is basically one couple agreeing to swap wives with another couple for the purpose of a no strings attached sexual encounter. This is usually just a time period of a few hours, however it has been known to exceed that time limit to being all night.

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How is a wife sharing party arranged?

The couples participating in the wife swapping will usually meet at a prearranged party in someones private house which is also known as a “swinger party“. Normally at these events, you will find up to 20 married & unmarried couples who have agreed to change partners for the purpose of a 1 night stand hook up. No one is obliged to have sex if they do not want to because on occasion, you may
just not find some onwife swappinge that you are attracted to. But it is important to note that you can not just hang around and watch other couples having sexual encounters, generally, other cheating spouses will frown upon this course of action and it could result in you not being invited back to any further partner swapping parties.

There are different types of swingers parties, you can have heterosexual, bi-sexual, gay and lesbian swapping events, so make sure you attend the right one for you.

How can I join a wife sharing group?

So, how do you get to participate in an event like this? Well you have to be invited…you can’t just turn up at someones house and expect to have sex. These no strings attached parties are strictly private and by invite only. If you are serious about joining in,
you first need to make contact with the organizers of these groups, this used to be a very difficult task because it’s not like you can just go up to someone on the street and ask them where the next swinger party is :-) but thankfully these days we live in the internet age and making such contacts is a very easy process.

What you need to do is join a reputable wife swapping affair website, there are tons of them out there but you will want to find one that has a large number of active members and is known for it’s safety and discretion. At the top of this page I have placed
a link to the best site that I have come across to date which also offers free to join membership, so you can sign up without it costing you a penny and check out the members for yourself and of course how everything works.

What are swapping parties really like?

When you go to your first wife swapping party you are naturally going to be a little nervous, this is perfectly normal and you should expect it to be this way. I can guarantee you that after you have had a drink or two and chatted with a few of the other guests, you will begin to relax and figure out how things work, hopefully you will find a hot wife there that
you are attracted to and who is attracted to you, from that point nature will take it’s to have an affair

You will quickly figure out that the parties hosts house will have a number of different rooms set aside for guests who want to have a sexual experience and you may find that in those rooms there could be more than 1 couple having sex at a time…this is perfectly normal and can lead to some memorable threesomes & foursomes, just remember to keep an open mind. It is however wise for you to make clear from the very start what it is exactly that you are looking for from this swapping experience so that everyone knows your boundaries ahead of time, which will in turn, lead to a more exciting time for all involved.

For you and your wife/partner to take part in any spouse swap, make sure that you have totally discussed all the possible outcomes, for example, the swap could end up destroying your relationship if you are both not properly mentally prepared ahead of time, or you may find, as is in most case, if you have an honest and open relationship that it has brought you
closer together. Wife swapping is certainly not for everyone, but one things for sure, it’s an experience you will never forget!